Friday, 7 September 2007

Discoveries in the European blogosphere

A lot of readers of my books ask either for places to discuss European issues and/or for discussion forums to find out which are the current issues on Europe.

Why do you need this kind of information?

  1. Because the future official should be able to understand and tackle complex issues from many different angles.
  2. Because the jury will often pose questions related to "hot" general issues

One of the "hottest" places to participate in such discussion is the European blogosphere.

The best articles and blogs I have recently discovered are:

The official blogs of the European Commissioners are available at, while the YouTube space of the European Commission can be found at Sharing the Sights and Sounds of Europe [Français] [Deutsch]

Following the success of the World Wide Web, the new "social media" (i.a. blogs, wikis, youtube) are to be considered as the upcoming "people grassroot journalism" information points.

Readers are encouraged to share their favorite links.

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philippe said...

tx for having spoted our "blogomap" on Nouvelle Europe !