Monday, 1 October 2007

Linguistic editions

Following a question from the founder of the yahoo group UE-laureates Francisco Javier Moleon concerning the differences between the two current linguistic versions of my book, I would like to inform you that the reason that the French edition (March 2007, 120 pages) of my book is double the size of the English edition (October 2006, 60 pages) is trifold:

1) It includes more material, including new learning resources

2) It has a must better layout, which makes reading must easier

3) The French language usually uses 30% more words in order to express the same message

The above improuvements were based on feedback received from readers of my book such as yourself. Further comments/remarks/wishes are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the English edition?

The Author said...

Dear anonymous reader-to-be of my book,

If you live outside Brussels, you could buy the English version of the book from any of the three online bookshops listed in the "Book Sale Points" section and copied here for your facilitation

The European Bookshop - -
EuroComment Bookshop -
Sterling Books -

If you work inside the EU institutions, you could find the book in the majority of the internal Press Shops (Berlaymont, Charlemagne, Beaulieu, Justus Lipsus, Jacques Delors).

Finally, if you live in Brussels, in addition to the normal bookshops (i.e. The European Bookshop, EuroComment Bookshop, Filigranes, Eponyme, Sterling Books), you would also find it in the kiosques around Place Schuman, (i.e. 1992, Pericle) and Place Madou (i.e. Press Factory).

Thank you and good luck with your quest to become EU official.