Friday, 21 January 2011

Farewell message

Dear readers of my book and my blog,

After a lot of thought, I decided to declare this blog as closed. I took this decision beacause the scarcity of my postings does not allow for this space to be called a "blog".

I would still answer all questions and/or comments, but will not actively support the further development of this space.

Thank you for buying my book and reading my blog,

Good luck in all endeavours :-)


Jan H. said...

ˇAnyway, thanks for all the work and effort to help EPSO candidates ... hope to read something from you in the future...

The Author said...

Thanks for your message.

There is something cooking, but since I prefer to be solid and not commercial, I wait some time.

Detelin Ivanov said...

Many thanks for your book, have the 2008 edition, find it very useful, hope there will be a new, fully revised edition in line with the new EPSO rules and procedures...

The Author said...

Dear Ivanov,

Thank you for your nice words.

I have a couple of times arrived in having a revised edition but EPSO decided to change it's rules. So I decided to wait for a full "stable" year of EPSO procedures before any publication. This way I can include comments from real candidates.

As my efforts are strickly personal and non supported by any company, I abstain either for charging a lot of money for my book as well as from publishing editions every year and by group AD/AST.

All the best, Christos