Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Request for feedback

Dear readers of my book,

I would be glad to get some feedback about my book, both good and not-so-good things you have spotted.

Even though I am currently working on several new linguistic versions, I am also working towards preparing the forthcoming editions and to this extend I would be honoured to receive your constructive feedback.

I putt forward such question, since my main concern is to better the areas that the readers find more interesting to develop.

So, please let me have your thoughts, ideas, disagreement, advice and praise.


Anonymous said...

Votre guide (j'ai sous la main version 2006 en anglais) est aussi utile pour les pannels des agents contractuels et les interviews pour des postes précis.

Exemple de questions qui m'ont étés posées:

Etes-vous team player ou team leader?

Comment gérerez-vous les relations avec un supérieur qui n'a ni vos compétences techniques ni votre expérience?

Quelles sont les qualités d'un bon négociateur? .... Et encore ? … Et encore ?… Et encore ? La troisième fois j’ai répondu que je ne voyais rien de plus pour le moment. Fallait-il s’arrêter avant ? ou à quel moment ?

Bonne continuation,


NB Je viens de finir mon stage :) , l'ambiance est plutôt agréable, le job intéressant...

The Author said...

Dear AA,

Thank you for the feedback. Please allow me to reply in English.

Indeed the idea behind creating this book was for candidates to be able to perform well in all types of oral examinations & job interviews. In fact the questions are more or less the same. Mainly, it is the thematic focus that is different.

The question on the qualities of a good negotiator and from your writings the way that it was asked, it seemed to me that it was not a simple question that only needed to list a set of skills, but rather a situational question, where you are suppose to play the game and actually be a good negotiator. I.a. not give everything in your first round of negotiations, keep an unexpected ace in your sleeve, have the stamina to continue with more rounds of negotiation, understanding when the end of the game, picking up the right questions, reading the body language of the opponents.

Working for the institutions is a very interesting experience. I am sure that you will continue enjoying for the years to come.


Mino said...

Very good book indeed!
It is well structured, it has a lot of possible questions for each phase of the oral examination (to which I tried to answer). I also found that the "learning resourses" are very usefull, because it has a lot of info gathered together.
I'll have my exam in 2 weeks, and I hope that this book, together (of course) with the rest of my study materials ...and my sleepless nights :D... will help me to make a good impression on the jury and that the result will be positive.
Anyway, thank you for your book and your advices!

Mino said...

Dear Christos,
I passed the oral examination, and will be placed on the reserve list!
Thank you again for your help and the advices offered in your book!