Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Failing the competitions...

I have recently received the following comment: On the contrary I have just been informed that my name has not been put in the reserve list for the translators' competition, as my mark for the oral exam was below pass mark. too bad.

Dear readers of this blog that you did not pass the competition,

Please remember that life has a lot of twists and that you should always try to harvest the positive elements (even from a failure) and dismiss the negative.

I am persuaded that a failure is a failure, only if we feel like this. My personal advice is that after such a moment of a temporary set-back (it's not a failure :-) it is the time to take stock of why you had low grade for the orals.

I strongly believe that this sometimes painful but useful exercise could help you in your future career irrespestively if you are pursuing more open competitions or if you are preparing for job interviews elsewhere.

An interesting example is Jon, the author of the "So I won't be a Commission official" blog (although just a comment, it has grown so much in order to deserve that naming).

Happy to discuss further.


Anonymous said...

I failed my CAST27 competition for ONLY ONE 1 MCQ in the last exam. It was hard to accept but I passed over those moments and I understood that it was not my time. I had to stand up again and prepare more for the next competition. It is not easy to do again when you spent a lot of months on your books, but this is the only way to succeed next time...
M. F.

The Author said...

Dear M.F.,

Remember the saying of Confucius "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

If we learn from our mistakes, but really asking the hard questions, next time we will be better.

Could you elaborate more on the type of errors that you think you have committed and what things you have/plan to change in the future?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this helps me;)
My error was not to understand better what was about the specific part of CAST27. It was too generic and I think I concentrated more to a few arguments which were not asked.

I'll struggle with my specific part and this competition made me understand that I must be more stubborn to win next time.